Helping Students, Teachers, Schools, Communities,
Change Makers, and the Environment


Let your voice be heard!


  • Make an impact by building creative community projects

  • Discover your potential and purpose with curriculum designed around personal growth, job/college preparedness, entrepreneurism, and community connection

  • Work alongside your friends and peers

  • Great resume and college application builder

  • 1:30 chance at a one-time $500 Cash Scholarship


  • Creative and flexible curriculum

  • Make quality connections with your students

  • A creative and flexible curriculum that gives you the power to help students. Check out the curriculum here!

  • We believe in equality, check out our handbook here!

  • Cultivate a positive campus community

  • Earn $50 an hour doing what you love

Ready to make a difference?



We’re here to help!


  • Fully funded, innovative learning experience for your students

  • More after school offerings

  • Increased school funding

  • Happier students + Happier teachers = Happier campus


  • Each SeeGeorgeGo project creates a $5000 community project

  • Increased funding to our teachers and schools improves education

  • An educational program for kids designed to encourage values and character building with a goal of creating forever learners

  • A community of like-minded people who believe we work better together.

Hey community members!


Change Makers

George values giving back.

  • Local, national, and worldwide, non-profits, groups, and companies making a difference

  • 10% of your monthly contribution goes to supporting our great Change Makers

  • Teaches students the value of giving back

  • How do we pick our Change Makers?

    • Impact: The goal of the organization is to create as much positive change as possible

    • Finances: They are fiscally responsible, sustainable, and able to continue their mission for years to come

    • Transparency: Open about sharing data pertaining to the great work they are doing


  • We believe in causing no unnecessary harm (thanks for the inspiration Patagonia)

  • Gain a new appreciation for our environment through creative projects.

Mother Earth needs our help!