change makers

George values giving back.

Change Makers are local, national, and worldwide, non-profits, groups, and companies selected by YOU! 10% of your monthly contribution goes to supporting our great Change Makers. We believe it is important to invest in and celebrate others doing good in the world. We also utilize this as an opportunity to teach our students the value of giving back, so each month, they present the check to our Change Makers! 

George's Change Makers qualify by meeting the following 3 criteria:

  1. Impact: The goal of the organization is to create as much positive change as possible. 

  2. Finances: They are fiscally responsible, sustainable, and able to continue their mission for years to come.

  3. Transparency: We partner with Change Makers that are open about sharing data pertaining to the great work they are doing. This allows George to share that impact with you.

Want to introduce George to a new Change Makers? Let him know! 

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